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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Molly DiFrancesco

Here it is folks, the next installment of "What I Like About You"

Today's spotlight:

Molly "Moll-Doll" "Grack" "Checko" DiFrancesco

Things I like about Molly:
  1. She is going on a mission. (probably to somewhere French-speaking)
  2. We became friends when she shouted "I'll be your friend" across the room in Mr. Dunnebacke's Honors Chemistry class. (We both dropped the class shortly afterward.)
  3. She is a people magnet.
  4. All you have to do is hang out with her for ten minutes and she will be your friend for life.
  5. She is Chelsea's twin. (On a side note, I am her brother, Gavin's twin. Just ask him.)
  6. In high school, she always answered the phone when I called her to tell her I finally kissed someone. (This happened more than you'd think.)
  7. She appreciates the finer things in life; things like sweat-pants, cheese toast, RedBox, and hot-fudge sundaes.
  8. She is surprisingly crafty.
  9. She was willing to have Companionship Study with me when I got home from my mission.
  10. She loves my best friend, JoJo. But she is also willing to share him with me so I can have a missionary too.

Molly has been, still is, and always will be there for me. What's more, she has probably been, probably still is, and probably always will be there for you too.

Thing I like about me today:

  • I like that I fixed my own pants this week.


Marye said...

This is a really cool idea! I love how positive you are!

Becky Green said...

Go Molly.

Chelsea said...

Here are the things I like about Molly:

1. She's really really super ticklish.
2. She thinks "You're mom..." is the perfect response to any insult.
3. Her favorite foods are garlic bread and mashed potatoes.
4. She will always split a Papa John's pizza with me (and we will always eat the whole thing.)
5. She gets better grades than me.
6. She loves to take pictures.
7. She keeps in touch with people, unlike most people who just say they want to get together and then NEVER call.
8. She's not afraid to tell people what she thinks.
9. She's going on a mission even though cliche sister missionaries drive her crazy.
10. She quilts.

Landon and Kylie said...

What we love about Molly:

1. The endless supply of family stories she provides for our entertainment. Ei: "snowplow, olive, Alaska..." 'Nuff said.
2. Her name, Molly, is awesome.
3. She lets me sleep in her bed. Even if Chelsea and her are already in it.
4. She is beautiful inside and out. Sounds cliche, but it's true!
5. She tells me when my clothes don't match, advice I sorely need.

What I like about Kyle: He thinks I take good enough pictures to be a wedding photographer.

Williams Family said...

What I like about Molly:

1. She likes orange, like me!
2. She's the only one I can [kind of] share shoes with.
3. She likes Tavia and Blake better than Zander (well, only Tavia at times), and isn't afraid to announce her totem pole.
4. She wears cool glasses.
5. She came to my college parties at age 11 and was the life of the party!