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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Landon & Kylie Burgener

My next spotlight is focused on not one, but TWO people. They are a package deal, and that's part of their appeal. Who doesn't love 2 for the price of 1? Presenting, what I like about Landon & Kylie Burgener:


  • Landon is the coolest nerd I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.
  • He likes geology and dinosaurs.
  • He is a fan of Ben Folds.
  • He is the kind of married-guy I hope to be someday.
  • I would even venture to say that he is like an older brother to me.


  • I knew I liked Kylie when she was wearing a Joel P. Jensen hoodie the first time I met her.
  • I am always blown away by the amazing pictures she takes.
  • She plays tennis. While I am yet to reap the benefits of her tennis skills, I look forward to getting my butt kicked by this girl in the near future.
  • She likes Arthur. Need I say more?

The Burgeners:

  1. They took me in as a cousin, no questions asked.
  2. They do cool things with me and Chelsea.
  3. Even though they are married, they have managed to hang on to their cool factor. In fact, they have somehow managed to use their marriage to boost the cool factor.
  4. They have goals, and as far as I can tell, they are achieving their goals.
  5. They use their library cards. (Having fun isn't hard. . . .)
  6. I have never been around them and NOT laughed.
  7. They could turn ANY topic into an interesting, and even eye-opening, conversation.
  8. They do things like read "The Hobbit" and go to the latest "Star Wars" movie.
  9. They didn't mock me that one time I wore 3/4 length pants.
  10. Even though I haven't taken advantage of it, I know they are always there for me.

The Burgeners have been a great addition to my life since I have been home. I have been so grateful for their friendship during these past couple months, and I look forward to being their friend even after Chelsea's missionary comes home and I get the boot. (hopefully this doesn't happen, but I'm prepared for the worst.)

The thing I like about me today:

  • I like that I have gone to the gym four times this week.


Landon and Kylie said...

Awww...Kyle, we love you too. I still maintain that I don't remember that hoodie, and there's a small chance we made fun of your pants later, but that doesn't change the fact that we will of COURSE still be your friends after October ends. Come over anytime.

Chelsea said...

this is molly. you, kylie, landon, and chel are the best 2 couple party ever. i'm ticked i'm totally forgotten about. i'm sorry i was gone all summer and i couldn't afford lagoon. but i HAVE been around. don't forget that