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Sunday, September 21, 2008

What I Like About You: the rules

Playing "What I Like About You" is, by far, my favorite pass-time. Here is how you play.
At any social gathering, if there is a lull in the conversation (and no one is thinking about Abe Lincoln) you can bust out a good game of "What I Like About You". There are no game pieces, no dice, no cards, no tiles with letters on them. All you need is a group of people. They don't even have to be friends. It's the best when a lot of the people don't know each other because afterwards everybody is friends.
Somebody starts the game off by simply suggesting it as something to do. The suggestion is not always warmly received, but people usually come around once you start telling them why they are awesome.
The person who starts simply goes around the room and tells each person three reasons why they like them. After going all the way around the room, the person who started then says one thing they like about themself. Then it moves on to the next person to pour their heart out.
Expect laughs.
Welcome tears.


Roger and Laurene said...

Dearest nephew Kyle,
My favorite thing about you is that you joined our family, sight unseen. You didn't even know us, but you accepted us and fit right in. That's real. And I love that about you. You're real.
Auntie Laurene
aka Kylie's Mom
p.s. hahaha I got to be first to post. Now I'm your favorite aunt. So there.

Chelsea said...

I'd better be post number one.

Amie said...

Wasn't it you who is more important that friends...well all I see here are friends. Just kidding. Love you Kyle! It was fun seeing you at the gym today!