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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Chelsea DiFrancesco

Okay folks, it's time for the first edition of "What I Like About You."
I have been losing sleep trying to decide who should be given the honor of having the first post on this blog. In the end, it simply came down to who I thought had shown the most interest in this blog and others in the past. The obvious answer? Chill D.
Things I Like about Chill
  1. She has found a way to be adventurous and lazy at the same time. It's a dying art.
  2. She is super smart. I know a lot of super smart people, but the cool thing about Chill is that while most super-smart people tend to make me feel stupid, she has the power to make even me feel smarter.
  3. She kicks butt at scrabble, but she's not a good speller. Figure that out.
  4. She is a tourist in her own town.
  5. She taught me how to make my favorite Sunday dish: Grilled Three Cheeses.
  6. The is the only college drop-out I know with a full-ride scholarship to anywhere, let alone Westminster College.
  7. She is loyal to her credit union. (Kind of a flaw in my eyes, but these days it's nice to see anybody who is loyal to anything.)
  8. She lets me speak french to her.
  9. She is a daredevil. Yep, she is. If you know her, this one probably surprises you, but it's the truth. How do I know this? I drove her car one time. I'm pretty sure it has no brakes.
  10. All kidding aside, Chill is one of my best friends. She was my only friend in the valley before my mission, and she is still around now that I'm home. Now we will see what happens when that boy of hers gets home. Hopefully I will be able to add to this list.

*If you have ever played "What I Like About You" before, then you know that when someone is finished complimenting everyone else, it's time for them to say one thing they like about themselves. The thing I like about myself today is this:

  • I like my new-found man crush on John Mayer.


Landon and Kylie said...

I want to play! Ok, ready, things I like about Chel:
1. She hangs out with me even though I'm old and married and fairly lame. She keeps calling all the same (wow, that rhymed).
2. We have always had the same Christmas/Birthday/Vacation presents from our grandma, and yet Molly's gift was always was an odd phenomenon that I believe brought us closer together through our childhood years.
3. She doesn't mind sitting at the kids table. In fact, I think she prefers it that way.
4. She dares to be a little different. She's always listened to whatever music strikes her fancy, read whatever books seemed interesting, and had lots of hair cuts that weren't necessarily trendy, but she pulls them off with flair.
5. I'm gonna have to agree with the smart thing. Genius, even. Once, when we were in high school, we stayed awake discussing the finer points of World War I and Communism. Which makes us sound weird, but honestly we are, so who cares?
*Bonus* One thing I like about Kyle: He likes the "what I like about you" game. That's precious.

Chelsea said...

Thanks buddy. I feel special now.

Chelsea said...


Rach said...

A) you WOULD do chel first...

B) I LOVE number one.

Williams Family said...

Can I be next? Or would my list go somehting like this:

10 Things I Like About Rachel
1. Her cute boy Zander
2. She cooks for me
3. Her cute boy Zander
4. She cooks for me
5. You get the picture....

But I want to play - none the less!

10 Things I LOVE About Chel

1. We agree on mom & dad's totem pole of love placements
2. She always babysits my kid when I ask her to
3. She says "that's unfortunate" in THE MOST bitchy way imaginable, without trying to be bitchy at all
4. She's never too cool to hang out with her big sister on a Friday night
5. She's a great cuddler
6. We can share clothes
7. She never says no to me when I ask a favor - even so far as to drive to the store to buy me cheese while I'm cooking dinner
8. She listens to me vent about my crazy life, but never judges me or those who make my life crazy (at least not to my face - which is all that matters)
9. She goes against the grain, like I did, but is still an amazingly good kid through it all, like I wasn't
10. She's smarter than I am, but equally as lazy
11. She wears cute skirts all the time
12. She's super responsible, even though my mom spoils the hell out of her
13. Zander loves her best - and his vote goes a long way in my mind
14. She still remembers cute things from when we were little, and always reminds me of them
15. She never takes things personally or gets defensive
16. We can talk about anything
17. She always attends my bbq's, parties, etc.
18. She loves Prison Break as much as I do
19. She still has sleepovers with me when I'm husbandless
20. She bakes. How can you not love someone who bakes?
21. She shares my unnatural love for foreign foods

Oh....was I supposed to stop at 10?

What I love about Kyle:

1. He loves my cute boy Zander (and has even babysat him before)
2. He lets me cook for him
3. He USED to come to Prison Break Parties
4. He always attends my bbq's, parties, etc., and seems happy to be there
5. He bought Tariana a Hula Hoop. Really? A man bought my daughter a Hula Hoop? Coolest thing ever....