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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rachel Trayner

Like I said before, it's really hard to decide who will be featured next. Everybody, just wait your turn. It's gonna be a LONG time before I do anything truly productive with my life. You're time will come.

But for one of you, you're lucky time has come.


  1. Rachel was my first friend who learned to drive. This means that I have been putting my life in her hands long before anyone else. You can't beat that.
  2. She currently lives in Hawaii, how cool is that?
  3. She was there for the best time of my life: Cedar City.
  4. She is probably the most talented musician I have ever had the pleasure of working with on ANYTHING.
  5. She loves peach rings and rootbeer. What good taste.
  6. She has never been afraid to speak her mind.
  7. One time we weren't friends for a couple days, that was horrible.
  8. She is a reliable source when it comes to all things musical. Anything from classical to modern punk, she is all over all the scenes.
  9. She is beautiful. Have you seen her?
  10. She is always game for a good photo shoot.

I can't wait for Rachel to come back in January. I already had to endure a long time without her while I was in Belgium. This is just torture.

PS- The thing I like about me today?

  • I like that I wear unnecessary* glasses.

*unnecessary does NOT mean fake.

1 comment:

Becky Green said...

Oh Kyle. I'm glad you're doing this; and not just so I can hope you do one about me one day. I'm glad you're doing it because it will make everyone feel happier, and everyone can use a little of that :)
How I've missed you and your subtle yet sincere ways.