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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Katey Jones

It's been almost 2 years since I last blogged on this thing so let me get things rolling again.

Katey is my dearest friend. Here are 10 things I like about her.

  1. I like that we went to high school together, but probably never even spoke directly to each other.
  2. I like that we work together at the bank
  3. I like that we are cousins.
  4. I like that she is the first person that I tell about certain things. . . . like being gay and stuff.
  5. I like that she never judges me, just helps me improve.
  6. I like that she collects random chairs.
  7. I like that she is going to own a small town someday.
  8. I like when she says "catch me" and jumps into my arms. . . it helps me feel manly.
  9. I like that she lets me pretend to be her boyfriend.
  10. I like that we can just chill on a Saturday night and be perfectly content in a situation that other, less secure people might view as pathetic.

Katey changed (showed me) my life.